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Hashtags In Facebook Groups Not A Fan

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I want to mention some thoughts on using #Hashtags in FB groups.

I personally don't use them at all and I do not recommend them.

Yes, you may get a hit or two because of the #Hashtag coming up in the search, but the other thing it does is it shows people the door when they are already sitting there looking at your post. It gives them the choice of going to your image where it can be bought or to any number of places, none of which are places where the artist can make a sale.

Here is a case in point. I don't mean to embarrass anyone but here is a recent post in a FB group with ten #hashtags.

#totebags #giftideas #shopsmall #naturelovers #butterflies #artforsale #environmentallyfriendly #nomoreplasticbags #christmasgifts #washable

When I click on the first one, #totebags, it takes me to a list of four stores where tote bags are sold. NONE of them are selling tote bags for the artist that made the post and none of them are FAA sellers. In fact, one of them is featuring a tote bag where a cat if flipping people the finger.

When I click on the #shopsmall, it takes me to a whole list of shopping malls on Facebook, not of them FAA stores.

My idea of posting in the FineArtAmerica group I started was to help promote FAA artists and to keep the shopper in the group as long as possible hoping they find something for one of us that they want to buy. Or the click on something from one of us and they end up in FAA or Pixels and find something to buy.

I am not really thrilled about sending people to stores and sellers outside of the FAA family.