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Caution using Discount Codes

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You have to be careful with those Discount Codes.

The discount you offer is figured on and paid out of the fee (your markup) you get from FAA on a sale. FAA still sells the product for their full price less your discount. In the example below your 25%, discount would net out as a 6.35% discount.

So, if you offer a 25% discount on a $200 product the customer is not going to be able to buy it for $150.

If your fee is $50, they will get 25% ($12.50) off that $50 so the price they pay will be $187.50.

You have to be able to explain that to your shoppers and prospective buyers or it will confuse them and maybe even annoy some enough to shop somewhere else.

This does not apply to the sales that FAA runs. Only the Discount Codes.