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I have several Facebook groups that I own where everyone is welcome to join and post your images with links to where they can be bought.

Some of them have specific themes like Western (and wildlife), Seascape (and nautical), Vintage Cars, etc, etc. Please adhere to the themes but post your imates in all of the groups that are appropriate.

The two largess, FineArtInAmerica and Buy & Sell Art Any Art Any Artist and/or Buyers are open to any theme. You can post in the Western group and in both of these or any other group the image fits in. The combined membership of these two groups is 20,000 members.

Western Art Buyers & Sellers

FineArtInAmerica Any kind of image is okay here as long as you are a member of FAA.

Seascape Art Buyers & Sellers

Buy & Sell Art Any Art Any Artist and/or Buyers

Digital & Abstract Creations

Handmade Arts & Crafts
This group is open to all art images and craft items and it is also the place to post the products from FAA or where else you sell.

Vintage Cars & All Other Vehicle Art for Buyers & Sellers

I also have an eBay group that only allows eBay listings. eBay Buyers & Sellers
The is not junk like you see in some of the other eBay groups. No solicitation, no circumventing eBay through the group. No other selling platform.

I see literally hundreds of post in these groups every day. I also the "Insights" that tell me what kind of action each post is receiving in the way of engagements, likes, comments, photo views, clicks and other reactions.

I have been doing this 6-7 years and I can tell you the post that get the best results as far as total engagements are the simples, cleaning posts. The one that just the image, a short description and link to where it can be bought. The post that are full of #Hastags (*which we no longer allow) videos, more than 3-4 pics and a description that reads like a novel are not getting the action people think they are.

For that reason we have strict rules about what will be approved and what will be declined. Please read the About page and/or the rules before you post.

*About #HashtagsIn my experience with 14 groups and viewing tens of thousands of posts they do not do what people think they do. They are not attracting the numbers of people that people think they are. What they are doing is supplying a link that takes people away for the art and away from the group to God only know where. I have clicked on hundreds of these things in people's post. The do send people to some places I don't think people that post them really intended. I have clicked on #Hastags that have taken me hate groups, political ads, and all kinds of scams and other nonsense.