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Looking at FAA from the right perspective

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I think the average seller, or at least the average selling that is posting in the threads is looking at FAA from the wrong perspective.

I don’t see myself as a retailer. I see myself as having licensed FAA to use my image on whatever products I authorized them to sell.

I don’t feel I am in anyway responsible for anything that goes wrong no matter what the problem is. I am not responsible if the product does not arrive, or the wrong one is shipped or if the stitching is poorly done or any other problems. That is FAA’s problem.

FAA has a 100%, no questions, asked money back guarantee. To my knowledge they honor that guarantee just as it is stated. And yes, even that process can have glitches and errors but it seems that an awful lot of the problems that are brought to the threads in a big panic are not near as bad as stated. Just look at how often we find out that customer service did respond when we are told there was no response.

The thing to remember here is FAA sells thousands and thousands of items including prints and all sorts of consumer items. They are buying these items from many different vendors around the world. There is going to be problems. No one is perfect. That is why FAA has the guaranteed they have.

My own return rate on several thousand items sold is insignificant. Other sellers much larger than me have reported the same thing.

FAA has been steadily growing its business and has been able to attract some very high-profile names in the art business, people that have been licensing their images as both wall art and consumer products for years. Getty Images, Norman Rockwell (Curtis Publishing), Sports Illustrated, Conde Nast, Vanity Fair, The New Yorker and many other iconic brands would not be choosing FAA if the problem was systemic.

As sellers here we can choose what products we what to sell but we really have no say so as to where those products are coming from, at what price they are purchased or what the quality control is. For that we have to trust that FAA is doing the job of choosing wisely when the decide on a vendor.

I can’t help but believe that some of the above-mentioned iconic brands would be here if they were not. I look at my own return rate, the growth of FAA other factors mentioned here and I have that trust or I wouldn’t be here.

I think if sellers would change their perspective and start looking at selling on FAA for what is really happening. Sellers only taking a fee, in effect licensing the use of their images to FAA. Sellers have to realize that they are not personally responsible for ever little (or even major) thing that goes wrong. I think this perspective it would make life a lot easier.

I fully understand the idea that the sellers name is on the art, but that does not make you responsible for the products. I also understand that some do not want their name on a shabby product. No one does. Unfortunately, that comes with the territory once you get into a licensing agreement where you have no control over the products.

The fact is, we are not the retailers. We are not the ones selling the products. We are merely getting a fee for the use of our images. FAA is responsible for everything else.