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FineArtAmerica and other Facebook Groups for FAA member

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To use Facebook and maximize the potential you have to join and be active in groups. The number of friends and likes and comment are nice, but what really counts is how many people see your Facebook posts that are members of the art buying public and not just fellow artists.

Over a year back I stated a Facebook group that has over 2300 members now. It is only for FineArtAmerica members. It can be found here:


I also stated three other Facebook groups. One is for anyone that does western art and only western art and another is for anyone that does Seascape art and only seascape art. Here are the links:

Western Art Buyers & Sellers

Seascape Art Buyers & Sellers

I also have another Facebook group that is for anyone that buys or sells on eBay. Anyone with an eBay account can join and you can only list eBay items for sale so this one is not so much for FAA members but you are welcome to join if you do buy or sell on eBay.

eBay Buyers & Sellers