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February 4, 2021 Regarding Sales

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If a discount is active and someone buys one of your products, then your profit is reduced by the discount percentage. If you opt out of the sitewide discounts, then your products won't appear in the search results when a discount is active.

Buyers can still buy your products if they come to your profile page directly and buy them, but the products won't be discounted, and your profit will not be reduced.

Right now, the sitewide discounts that we're running are only running on the main sites (i.e. FAA and Pixels). They don't affect the white-label websites. As we get closer to the holiday season in 2021, we'll start running discounts that do apply to the white-label websites just like we did in 2020. If you opt out of this discount program, then you're opting out of all discounts on the main sites and the white-label sites.


If the buyer arrives on FAA or Pixels after clicking on an paid ad that we ran, then the next order that the buyers places within the next 30 days will be attributed to that ad. For all of the products on the order, the artists' profits will be reduced by 50% assuming the artist is participating in this program. If an artist on the order has opted out, then their profit won't be reduced, but we'll also stop running ads on their behalf, as well.

Currently, we're running ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Google Shopping.

If someone clicks on an ad for product from Artist A but ends up buying a product from Artist B, that still counts as an ad sale, and Artist B's profit will be reduced assuming Artist B is opted in.


We finally rolled these out on January 1st. Etsy did something similar last year (

It's really this simple. If you're opted in to sitewide discounts, then we'll show your products in our search results when a discount is active, and your profits will be discounted on any sales that occur when the discount is active. If you opt out, then your products won't appear in the search results while a discount is active, and your products won't be discounted on any orders while a discount is active.

The same thing goes for the advertising discounts. If you opt out, then we'll stop running ads on your behalf, and your profits will not longer we discounted when a buyer orders one of your products after clicking on an ad.

Simply opt out if you are confused or do not want to be a part of them. It really is as easy as that and there is nothing else to explain.

Abbie Shores
Community Mgr, Technical Support Mgr, Fine Art America |